Contact Badges

About the project

A display component of Contact highlights with quick navigation to related records from the Contact record page. Use it to display criteria from any related object, such as donor levels, team registrations, active memberships, organization affiliations, and any important alerts.

Contact Badges is free to install and use, without limitation.

Download from the AppExchange.

At-a-glance Highlights

If your primary purpose is to interact with people, Salesforce contact records are the hub of your organization's activity. Contact Badges let you cut through the chaos with visual highlights of a contact's engagement with your organization.

All the Details

The details of related records are displayed in a pop-up window, allowing for a lot of context without any need to leave the page.

Quick Navigation

Need more information? All badges offer navigation to the source record.

Install Contact Badges

Download from the AppExchange

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Post-Installation Steps

Once the package is installed, complete these steps to enable Contact Badges for users in your org.

1. Assign Contact Badges access to users

2. Add Contact Badges component to record pages

3. Configure Contact Badge Definitions

Configure Contact Badge Definitions

Create Contact Badge Definition custom metadata records for each badge that should be displayed in the component on the Contact record page.

1. Navigate to Custom Metadata Types

1. Setup > Custom Code > Custom Metadata Types

2. Next to Contact Badge Definitions, click Manage

3. Click New

1. Give the badge a name

2. Define the source data

3. Define a label and style

4. Click Save

For detailed instructions on how to configure Contact Badge Definitions and each of its properties, view the Quip Doc and/or watch the following tutorial (11 min) on setting up a new contact badge definition.

Assign Contact Badges access to users

  1. Navigate to Setup > Users > Permission Sets

  2. Select the Contact Badges Access permission set

  3. Click Manage Assignments and then Add Assignment

  4. Select users to grant access to and click Next, then Assign

Alternatively, add the following permissions to preferred profiles/permission sets:

  • Custom Metadata Types

    • Contact Badge Definition

  • Apex Classes

    • ContactBadgesController

  • Custom Permissions

    • Contact Badges View Access

Add Contact Badges component to record pages

  1. Open the record page you’d like to modify in Lightning App Builder

  2. From the components menu on the left, select Contact Badges from the available Custom - Managed components and drag it to a preferred location on the layout (don't worry if it doesn't show any content - the component is hidden if no contact badge definitions are relevant to the current contact).

  3. Optionally, change the header for the Contact Alerts pop-up window and/or set component visibility to limit when the component displays.

Consider adding a filter to ensure the user has the Contact Badges View Access custom permission assigned to their user.

  1. In the Set Component Visibility section of the design panel, click Add Filter

  2. Set the Filter Type to Advanced

  3. Click Select to select a field, and select Permissions > Custom Permission > sscb.Contact_Badges_View_Access from the dropdown menus

  4. Click Done

  5. Set the Operator to Equal

  6. Set the Value to True

  7. Click Done

All set! Please enjoy Contact Badges.

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