Fundraising Subledger

About the project

An accounting subledger for the NPSP data model. This solution provides an accounting translation of fundraising activity in Salesforce by flattening financially impactful events into debit and credit journal entries.

Nonprofit Success Pack Fluent

At its core, the Fundraising Subledger creates debits and credits based on the Payment and GAU Allocation records related to an Opportunity. All of its automation is configurable within the Nonprofit Success Pack’s TDTM framework.

General Ledger Controls

Accounting Periods allow for control around the posting process to the general ledger, whether integration is automated or handled as an export/impor

Simple Configuration

Built to interpret the Nonprofit Success Pack, the Fundraising Subledger requires minimal configuration. Map opportunity stages to accounting states, define your chart of accounts, and start producing exports for the general ledger.

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Post-Installation Steps

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